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(I) Haigen spirit
Co-create the harmonious Haigen, and co-create centennial Haigen
Annotation: Harmony brings wealth. Harmony is the necessary requirement of improving the cohesive force and centripetal force of employee team, and important guarantee of completing the various aims and tasks and realizing the harmonious and stable development. Haigen Biology, as a big family, can complete the progressive human heart as long as the people treat each other sincerely and harmonize, pull together to handle affairs and start up business, strive to create the first-class glory, build Haigen happy home jointly, and meet the beautiful tomorrow of centennial Haigen jointly.
(II) Cultural concept-working philosophy
Cultivate, and behave ourselves-Haigen People
Annotation: it is the requirements for professional ethics of cadre employees. The first professional ethics must be provided, so as to become the first-class stevia rebaudiana enterprise, and in order to do this, it must firstly cultivate, namely, comprehensive development and promotion of knowledge, ability, skill and other comprehensive abilities and qualities; and to behave ourselves is the precondition and base of handing affairs, to behave ourselves means to be an excellent employees; and the high-quality products can be produced only by the excellent employees, and the sense of responsibility, sense of pride and happiness of the career can be reflected.
(II) Cultural concept-Quality philosophy
No risk at all, and no anything case of loss
Annotation: quality is the life of the enterprise. For the production quality, it is even linked with one another and connected together, and the ineffective input will be caused in case of one nonconforming product circulation. Therefore, every one, every post, every process and every work must be cautious, strict and excelsior. "No anything case of loss" is the warning for the quality; and "No risk at all" is the eternal pursuit for the quality.
(II) Cultural concept-Service philosophy
Deliver one piece of goods, and be responsible for the whole process
Annotation: the service object of product business is the global enterprise committed to the development of natural and healthy industry. To manage the quality well is the due responsibility, to serve well is the target of pursuit, and to insist on service is the due attitude. "Deliver one piece of goods, and be responsible for the whole process" refers to taking each process as the promise with the attitude of "be responsible for the customers fully", further strengthening the service consciousness, improving the service ability, optimizing the service quality, and being responsible for the customers really and fully.
(II) Cultural concept-Value concept
Prosper the sugar, prosper the factory, and co-build and share
Annotation: the product quality is the core task of workshop production, and also the fundamental guarantee of the stable development of Haigen Biology. Sugar prospering means the factory prospering, the sugar must be firstly prospered, so as to prosper the factory, and it needs each Haigen people to contribute their intelligence and force; and the employees in the workshop undertake the glorious mission and major responsibility of adding luster for the enterprise, organize scientifically, and devote to work, so as to ensure to produce the high-quality product. We seek the development together with all Haigen people, create the harmony together, and cast the victory together. The development achievement of Haigen belongs to all Haigen people loving Haigen and contributing Haigen.
(II) Cultural concept-Manager concept
Honest operation, and mutual benefit and win
Annotation: honesty is gold and the footstone of entrepreneurship. In the face of new mechanism and new situation of rising of stevia rebaudiana industry, the good reputation and brand can be established and the mutual benefit can be reached only by being honest with all parties with the honest morality and style, coordinate well, providing the high-quality service for the service object, and creating the beneficial condition for the service unit, so as to maximize the economic benefit and social benefit.
(II) Cultural concept-Technical concept
Scientific and technical career, and scientific and technical Haigen
Annotation: Science and technology constitute a primary productive force. "Scientific and technical career" is based on the characteristics of Haigen Biology high-purity steviol glycoside, it shall take the point of solving the "bottleneck" of production management as the key point, vigorously develop the core technology and characteristic technology, and provide the strong technical support for the scientific and harmonious development of Haigen Biology in reliance on the scientific problem tackling and technical innovation. "Scientific and technical Haigen" refers to playing the huge power of science and technology, increasing the promotion power of new process and new technology, improving the transformation rate of the scientific and technological achievements, and defeating the high difficulty of stevia rebaudiana with the high science and technology, so as to ensure the quality of stevia rebaudiana is hard and stable.
(II) Cultural concept-Talent concept
Annotation: Talents are the first resource of the enterprise. Therefore, the Company shall positively build the atmosphere of "Respect knowledge, respect the talents, and respect the creation" and vigorously promote the "Quality promotion" project, so as to create the stage for the talents to become excellent, and promote everyone to become excellent. Meanwhile, the Company shall insist on taking the morality, knowledge, ability and performance as the selection standard, and building the scientific talent selecting and using mechanism, so that the various talents "Have the opportunity for starting up the business, have the stage for handling the affairs, and have the space for development", so as to achieve that everyone does talents, and promote the comprehensive development of employees' career.
(II) Cultural concept-Studying concept
Study every day and surpass every day
Annotation: Learning can change your life, and learning can achieve the future. The study room remodels self, surpasses self, and develops the self requirement. It must advocate to study every day, so as to keep up with development and change of situation. In case of building the thinking meaning of studying a little every day, and making progress a little", it only studies every day, so as to make progress continuously, and realize the new breakthrough continuously.
(II) Cultural concept-Distribution concept
In the era of knowledge economy, the enterprise evaluates the contribution of one person by how many benefits he creates, and focuses on effective labor; and the labor cost shall be in direct proportion to the benefit. The effective labor decides on the personal contribution, the personal contribution decides on the distribution, the labor distribution reflects the personal value, the post is depended on the competition, and the income is depended on the contribution. Only in this way, the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of extensive cadre employees can be stimulated, thus, promoting the good and rapid development of enterprise.

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