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Shandong Haigen Bio-Tech about announcements of new RC and RD products.

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Shandong Haigen Bio-Tech about announcements of new RC and RD products.


Our company new product research and development department has achieved a new taste of stevia extract RC and RD series products of commercial production and will start to supply the new products under the guidance of Chairman Xing Haigen and technical director Sun Jingwen. Compared with the current use of RA product RD has better sugaring and better taste, basically eliminated the after taste. After application of controlled trials RA products even if only 15% increase in RD, the taste is significantly improved, and completely changed people traditional ideas for Stevia sweet taste. Haigen Bio-tech provides RD 20%96% series products to meet the needs of different customers.


Reb C sweetness of sucrose 5070 times, itself is not sweeteners to use. But now the use is as a sweet taste and flavor enhancer. When 200300ppm is added in the sugary drinks, can reduce 3050% of white sugar usage, while maintaining the same sweetness and increase drink fragrance taste.


Our company plans to enter the market in drinks, especially carbonated drinks, and also yogurt, dairy products, baking and supplements.


As a new type of sweeteners, RC, RD series represents the Haigen Bio-tech another kind of stevia ingredients, and our company RA series of stevia sweeteners can form a perfect complement each other, make consumers can get a more fruity and silky sweet experience.


Because of very low content of RD in existing stevia variety now, Hagen Bio-Tech using chromatography technology concentration extractting RD products, and the product purification to 96%. Meanwhile, new varieties of stevia that are rich in RD screening also made significant progress, and we can provide adequate raw material used in production of RD products in harvest season 2016.

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