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Warm congratulation on the successful developed RM 95 (Rebaudioside-M) product.

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Shandong Haigen Biotechnology co., ltd. has successfully developed the new Steviol Glycosides product RM 95 and become the first producer in China to realize the RM 95 high purity industrialized mass production.


RM (Rebaudioside-M) product is the ultimate product in steviosides industry so far. It has good taste, no bad aftertaste, and is more durable than sucrose sweetness. It is actually an ideal natural sweetness additive. However, due to the unstable extraction process and low yield, many steviosides manufacturers have been troubled and many manufacturers have been unable to break through the problem. It takes one year and five months to develop RM 95 products successfully in July 2018 and in the same time realized mass production. It is great contributions to the global steviosides industry and also a new milestone in the world steviosides industry!


Haigen Biotech co., ltd. will sincerely welcome new and old customers to cooperate with us. 

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