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Warmly celebrate our company was awarded as the key leading enterprise in jining city

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Shandong haigen biotechnology co., ltd. has been based in rural areas, facing agriculture and serving farmers for years. In the process of its own growth, the company has not forgotten to promote the development of surrounding agriculture and established stevia seedling cultivation base in fangshan town.We will work hard to integrate production, processing, sales and services and promote each other. We will gradually establish and improve a new mechanism for sharing benefits and risks with farmers and make outstanding contributions to boosting their incomes.The company relies on own superiority to pass smoothly in the agricultural industry key leading enterprise examination and verification.Jining city has become a new batch of agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises!

Shandong sea root biological technology co., LTD. Don't forget to beginner's mind, go forward, constantly develop innovative products, the company develop steadily and continue to grow stronger, fully committed to human health, adhering to the "honesty, cooperation, seriously, innovation, the pursuit of excellence" enterprise idea, to revitalize national industry as own duty, continue to provide customers with high quality and efficient service, to the state and society to make new contributions!

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